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4lz-2.0 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

Weifang Shengchuan Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2018

4lz-2.0 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 4LZ-2.0

  • Reaper Application: Rice, Corn, Wheat, Soybean

  • Harvest method: Vibration fall

  • Transmission: Hard Shaft

  • Reaper Color: Red

  • Application Field: Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture, Forestry

  • Specification: CE, ISO

  • Type: Combine Harvester

  • Reaper Power Source: Tractor

  • Drive Type: Gear Drive

  • Reaper Certification: QS, SGS, ISO9001:2008, CE

  • Condition: New

  • Origin:  China

4lz-2.0 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester Product Description

Favorable Performance:
1. 400mm of caterpillar belt to protect falling; 1150mm of wide track; move smoothly.
2. Good threshing ability, low broken rate, low entrainment loss.
3. Optimized threshing and deaning mechanism with double shakers of re-threshing.
4. Name brand motors with great power and stable performance.
5. Great transmission and torque and swerve agilely.

4LZ pedrail self-propelled rice and wheat combine harvester cut stalk and separate from grains, equipment with Name brand motors with great power and stable performance, Big gear box with great transmission and torque and swerve agilely. Compact structure, Flexible operation and easy to maintainence. It is suitable for harvesting in paddy field or glebe in plains, mountainous area and hills.

4lz-2.0 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester Main technical specifications :


Total loss raterice≤3.0% & wheat≤1.2%
Impurity raterice≤2.0% & wheat≤2.0%
Breakage raterice≤1.5% & wheat≤1.0%
Using reliability≥95
TypeTrack self-propelled
Harvesting width1800/2200/2360mm
Working Productivity0.2-0.5 hm2/h

power48KW /(55Kw)
Rotate speed2600 r/min /(2400)
Gear box(6+2)shift
Diesel tank65 L
Fuel consumption per hectare≤30Kg/ha.
Track Width350*90*48 / 400×90×48
Ground presssure≤24 KPa
Ground clearance230mm
Grain tank1 m3
Grain unloading methodsacked

Dimension (L×W×H)5010×2360 ×2870 mm

4lz-2.0 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester.jpg

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