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Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper

Weifang Shengchuan Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 4GL-180 reaper

  • Power Source: Tractor

  • Rice & Wheat Swather: Rice & Wheat Reaper

  • Application: Rice, Corn, Wheat, Chili

  • Application Field: Agriculture

  • HS Code: 843359909

Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper Product Description

4GL series rice&wheat reaper is a kind of harvesting machine matched with the walking tractor. It's the new product with the advanced technology in China, with the renovated surface, strengthened applicability, improved performance, better reliability and optimized technical structure. Then machine is mainly used to harvest the paddy and wheat. It could also be used to harvest the soybeans and reeds. It's appplicable in the plain, hills, slopes, small filds, etc. In addition, it's with the advantabes of small volume, light weight, flexible perfomance, simple operation, low batch-cutting, no limit on distance. The machine could be not only suitable for the harvesting on the big, middle and small fields, but also suitable on the area with inconvenient traffic.

Item Index
Model No.  rice & wheat swather, reaper (4GL-180)
Cutting width(mm) 1800
Min cutting Height (mm) >=50
Placing type sidewise & banded placed
Producitivity (m2/hour) 1500~2500
Matched power 20~25HP 4wheel tractor
Net Weight (kg) 170
Gross Weight (kg) 220
Packing size: (LxWxH) 2.1x0.65x0.65

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