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Peanut Combine Harvester 4hb-2A Hot Selling in Iran

Weifang Shengchuan Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Peanut Combine Harvester 4hb-2A Hot Selling in Iran Basic Info

  • Application: Tubers, Peanut

  • Harvest method: Mining

  • Transmission: Soft Shaft

  • Certification: QS, SGS, ISO9001:2008, CE

  • Condition: New

  • Origin:  China

  • Type: Horizontal Cut Harvester

  • Power Source: Tractor

  • Drive Type: Gear Drive

  • Portable Harvester Type: Backpack Type

  • Color: Red

  • Application Field: Agriculture

  • Specification: CE, ISO

Peanut Combine Harvester 4hb-2A Hot Selling in Iran Product Description

1. Hold the seedling, mining, transportation, picking combine harvester systems: practical, low loss.
2. The difference between the relative half-feed roller picking system: low power consumption, crashed rate close to zero, high net picking rate, to ensure a seedling rate of complete in order to facilitate recycling of seedlings.
3. By consist of soil shaker, fans, vibrating screen, rubbing earthenware and hollow rotating sieve chain to have the efficient cleaning system: High cleaning rate.
4. Wheeled travel system: self-propelled, self-transfered, light soil compaction, to ensure easy peanut drop recycling and reproduction.
5. High performance to be used for most of the country dry crop patterns and soil condidtions.

Peanut Combine Harvester 4hb-2A Hot Selling in Iran Technical Parameters

Power Matched30hp, 3-cylinder diesel engine
Structure TypeSuspension
Mining Depth100-200mm
Working Width600mm
Working Efficiency0.15 - 0.25ha./hr.
Overall Dimension(LxWxH)3970x1800x2550mm
Structure Weight1750kg
Total Loss Rate≤ 1%
Impurities Rate≤ 3%
Crashed Rate≤ 1%
Cleaning Rate≥ 96%
Seedling Rate of Complete≥ 98%

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