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Power Weeder Pruning Lawn, Vegetation

Weifang Shengchuan Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

power weeder Pruning lawn, vegetation

Lawn mower (Lawn mower), also known as weeding machine, lawn mower, lawn trimmer and so on. The lawnmower is a mechanical tool for pruning lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of a cutterhead, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part. The cutterhead is mounted on the running wheel, the engine is equipped with an engine, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade, and the blade uses the high speed rotation of the engine to improve the speed, saving the worker's working time and reducing the amount of human resources. Since 1805 there, when the lawn mower is human, there is no power to support.

In 1805 the British Pramakette invented the first harvest of grain and can cut the weeds of the machine, by the people to promote the machine, through the gear drive to spin knives, which is the prototype of the lawn mower.

In 1830, the British textile engineer Bill - Pudding made a roller lawn mower patent, and received praise.

In 1832, the Ransomius Agricultural Company began mass production of drum lawn mower.

In 1831, the British textile master Kabelia made the world's exclusive patent.

In 1833, the Ransomius Agricultural Company began mass production of drum-type lawn mower. The nineteenth century, this lightweight and easy to control roller lawn mower is widely used in traffic green belt.

In 1902, the British London Eners created the internal combustion engine for the power of the drum lawn mower, its principle has been extended so far.

We usually see in the US rural TV is this lawn mower, it can be used to easily trim the lawn

With the rapid rise of the lawn industry, China in the 21st century began to use the reciprocating lawn mower. At the end of the 19th century, to protect a lawn is a very costly thing. For example, in the large manor of Blenheim (the village of western Bavaria), if 200 workers were hired, then 50 of them were lawns. In the meager season of the pasture, it is necessary to cut the grass every ten days. The shearers are very long tools (the sickle: the blade is jagged and needs to be often used to grind to keep it sharp). (In fact, it is more like a saw in a saw ). After the work is completed, the lawn is full of sawed grass leaves, and then picked up the grass on the ground, used to feed the cattle and sheep, so that both save time and reduce the destruction of the grass. By the parallel four-bar lifting device, rack, left and right wing weeding device, the whole machine deviation device.

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Mower also known as lawn machine, from the cutter, engine, walking wheel, walking agencies, blades, handrails and control parts. It is composed of parallel four-pole lifting device, frame, left and right wing weeding device, whole machine deviation device, comb tooth rotation bevel gear speed transmission mechanism and comb tooth type deepening device; efficiency is higher than artificial weeding 8 to 10 times the injury rate is low, in addition to seedling clean rate is high.

The development of agricultural mechanization, the improvement of work efficiency and the improvement of agricultural productivity have become the most important tool for the production of agricultural crops as an important lawn mower as an important lawn mower. The invention is human A great progress in civilization. Lawn mower (Lawn mower), also known as lawn mower, lawn mower, lawn mower, lawn mower is a pruning lawn, vegetation and other mechanical tools, diesel and gasoline engine points. It is composed of a cutterhead, an engine, a running wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control. The blade uses the engine's high-speed rotation output speed greatly improves, saving the weed worker's working time and reducing the amount of human resources. In the country where animal husbandry mechanization is highly developed, the research of new lawn mower is developing in the direction of high speed and energy saving.

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