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The High-Efficiency Rotary Tillage Machine (R-106)

Weifang Shengchuan Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

The High-Efficiency Rotary Tillage Machine (R-106) Basic Info

  • Model NO.: (R-106)

  • Application Field: Agriculture

  • Tillage Machinery Power Source: Diesel

  • Traction Type: Traction

  • Arbor Configuration: Horizontal Axis

  • Tillage Machinery Color: Red

  • Rotary Tillage Blade Quantity: 32

  • Width: 80-100mm

  • Row Spacing: 300mm

  • Working Efficiency: 0.2hectare/H

  • Specification: sgs

  • Tillage Machinery Type: Rotary Tiller

  • Farming Policy: Dry Cultivating Machinery

  • Operation: Soil Preparation Machinery, Continuous Running Operation

  • Drive Type: Gear Drive

  • Certification: SGS

  • Neme: The High-Efficiency Rotary Tillage Machine

  • Knife Roller Revolution: 92-125/Min

  • Deep Tillage: 10-20cm

  • Tillage Machinery Seedling Spacing: 120,140or160,190.Mm

  • Packaging Size: 2250*1760*600mm

  • Origin: China

The High-Efficiency Rotary Tillage Machine (R-106) Product Description

The high-efficiency rotary tillage machine
Wide coverage,symmetric hanging structure covering tire mark,reliable quality,
high performance suitable for dry land and paddy fields,saving time and effort,with low cost,etc.Our company has been a reliable and excellent manufacturer of disc blades, plough discs , disc harrow , disc plough and disc ridger  .We can supply all various discs according to customers' drawing and samples
extensive use:
Apply to the green Chinese onion, ginger, potatoes, carrots, corn, flowers, strawberry crops such as homework, at the same time can be used in the tea garden, vineyard citrus digging ditches, such as fertilization, cable trench, drain efficient trenching extensive .

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